Supporting First Responders and Our Community Since 1983

Cowlitz Chaplaincy Services & Information

Chaplains serve free of charge, by invitation in three specific areas: emotional, relational, and spiritual. Chaplains are not police officers/firefighters, they serve as CARE givers.

Support Services

For Police/Fire/EMS personnel and their families

Crisis Intervention Support

For the community in times of need

Relational, Emotional, and Spiritual

Support to anyone (regardless of faith base) upon request

Upon request, Chaplains respond to these types of events/scenes:

* Homicide or suicide * Search & Rescue scene

* Serious auto accident * Hostage situation

* Domestic violence * Fire scene

* Plane/train crash * Civil disturbances

* SIDS/death of a child * Line of Duty injury/death

* Drowning * Civil disturbances

* Notifying families of serious injuries/death

How We Serve

Cowlitz County Agencies, Responders and Their Families

First Responders and Their Families

Crisis Intervention & Support

Community Liaison Services

Who We Serve

Law Enforcement Agencies, Fire Agencies, and Other Agencies

Law Enforcement Agencies

Fire Agencies

Other Agencies

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Upcoming Events

Chaplaincy Newsletter

Spring 2024

Meet The Chaplains

Paul Bricknell,

Executive Director

Doug Fields,

Lead Chaplain

Mario Gambaro,

Staff Chaplain

Ray Orr,

Staff Chaplain

Grant Wiltbank,

Reserve Chaplain

Dawn Wiltbank,

Reserve Chaplain

Tom Haan,

Reserve Chaplain

James Doyle,

Reserve Chaplain

Darryl Arrera,

Reserve Chaplain

Brian Cummings,

Reserve Chaplain

Support Staff

Cynthia Moon,

Volunteer Office Manager

Kalei LeFave,

Community Outreach Director

“And then a Chaplain showed up...”

We've been serving the community since 1983

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How You can Help Us

Each year, in unique and emergency settings, hundreds of people encounter God because a Chaplain came to them in time of need. Our Chaplains are crisis intervention trained pastors who serve everyone in our county.

While local PD/FD provide some equipment and training, our Chaplains are not employees of any government agencies – they ‘volunteer’ their services. If it were not for the financial support of individuals, churches and organizations Cowlitz Chaplaincy would not exist. Our Chaplains need your help to continue to fulfill our mission and do what they are trained and gifted to do. Here’s what you can do…

Pray for our Chaplains by name

Ask God to fill them with strength and wisdom as they minister in the many situations they are called upon to assist with. Ask God to protect them from ‘burn-out’ from having to deal with so much stress in people’s lives.

Your financial support will help underwrite this vital ministry

Your financial gift ensure professionally trained Chaplains are available “24-7” – more importantly, your gifts make a difference in someone’s life! Cowlitz Chaplaincy is a registered “501.c3” non-profit organization and all donations are tax-deductible.  Donate today!

Please contact us and let us know how you would like to help. Email us today.